CDRC needs you – volunteer

CDRC now hosts 230 recovery meetings a month from 16 different 12 Step Fellowships!

Due to our rapid growth, we need more volunteers. You can only keep what you have by giving it away…

  1. Are you good with computer?

  2. CDRC needs you!

  3. Are you good with Microsoft office?

  4. CDRC needs you!

  5. Are you good at administration?

  6. CDRC needs you!

  7. Are you good at making fliers and posters?

  8. CDRC needs you!

  9. Are you good at social media?

  10. CDRC needs you!

Volunteer applications can be found at

Or Email us at:



45 Colvin Ave (2nd Floor)

Albany, NY 12206

(518) 487-4617

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