COVID-19 Resources

Virtual “Room” Meetings by phone or ZOOM

  1. Local HA Meetings (CLICK HERE)

  2. In the Room Meetings (CLICK HERE)

  3. Local AA Meetings (CLICK HERE)

  4. Local NA Meetings (CLICK HERE)

National Resources

  1. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Federal hotline offering referrals to local treatment and support services.

  2. Narcotics Anonymous Meetings worldwide for people struggling with drugs. Directory of online meetings, using Zoom, Skype and other platforms.

  3. SMART Recovery Abstinence-based international organization that uses a cognitive behavioral therapy tool kit. Has a directory of online meetings.

  4. AA-Alcoholics Anonymous The worldwide 12-step abstinence program has extensive online resources.

  5. Recovery Dharma This organization uses Buddhist practices and principles to support individuals in recovery. Directory of daily online meditations and meetings.

  6. Women for Sobriety Dedicated to helping women recover from substance use disorders, with online gatherings.

  7. LifeRing Organization focusing on practical, secular support, with online meetings.

  8. Cocaine Anonymous Online International group offering online support through email and voice-only conference calls.

  9. In the Rooms Clearinghouse of 30 online meetings offering supports with a variety of approaches to different substance use disorders.

There are many free apps available. Here are just a few:

  1. Connections Evidence-based, multipurpose app to help track sobriety and connect with supportive peers and Addiction Policy Forum counselors.

  2. I Am Sober Popular, well-regarded app for planning and maintaining recovery.

  3. SoberGrid Large online sober-support community and peer counseling.

For Those Who Support People in Recovery

  1. Nar-Anon Global support network for those affected by someone else’s addiction. Live chat and forum available.

  2. Al-Anon Using a 12-step focus, this organization offers online and phone meetings for those whose friends and relatives struggle with alcohol use disorder, among other substances.

  3. Families Anonymous Offers online 12-step meetings for family and friends with a loved one struggling with drugs, alcohol and related behavioral problems.

  4. SMART Recovery Friends and Family This secular, cognitive behavioral-based program offers online meetings for families and friends of someone recovering from substance abuse.

Additional Resources

  1. AA Grapevine (FREE)

  2. Sober Nation

  3. CDC: Coronavirus FAQ

  4. CDC: What you need to know about coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)Live Updates from the Governor

Albany Department of Mental Health COVID-19 Support Line (518) 269-6634 8:00 am – 5:00 pm 7 days/week



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