Looking forward to Better Days and New Beginnings

Temporarily closing our doors was incredibly difficult! The building is empty and the phones are silent!

  1. Miss being able to see and greet all of you with a smile and a hug.

  2. Miss the face to face meetings.

  3. Miss the newcomer being able to come to their first meeting and get support, ask for a sponsor and get phone numbers.

  4. Miss the laughter and conversation before and after meetings.


  6. In the interim, consider attending meetings online and making more phone calls. If you need to reach CDRC, please call 518-487-4617. Calls are being answered remotely.

The decision to close TEMPORARILY was made in part to help control the spread of the Coronavirus under the guidance and mandate of the State and Federal Government and public health officials. We want to be part of the SOLUTION. Rest assured we will be here and we will reopen when the social distancing mandate has been lifted. In the interim we have had CDRC professionally cleaned and sanitized in line with the DOH and CDC standards. When we reopen, we will welcome everyone back into a safe and clean facility. In monitoring the COVID-19 situation daily it has become very obvious that the pandemic has worsened. By self-quarantining and following the state mandates to stay home we will all get through this.

We have a responsibility to stay safe for ourselves, our families, our friends and our community.

Please share this with your group, other meetings and anyone interested in recovery.

See some COVID-19 resources. Stayed tuned for continued updates. Stay Safe! Capital District Recovery Center



45 Colvin Ave (2nd Floor)

Albany, NY 12206

(518) 487-4617

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