Union College is proud to partner with Susan Maycock for an inspiring journey to “Living Upward"

Date: Every Wednesday from September 23 - October 28 Time: 12 – 1 p.m. EDT Living Upward is the call to:

  • Live with intention

  • Connect with compassion

  • Give with gratitude

  • Participate in a life greater than our own

In this six-week series, author, artist and motivational speaker Susan Maycock ’72 will explore the qualities essential to Living Upward and teach you how to practice them. Each program will include readings, discussion, exercises and guided meditation. Week 1 (Sept. 23): Say YES to What Is Learn to be more present and aware. Choose to intentionally embrace the moment, rather than resist and discover the power in accepting life as it is and the freedom it brings. Week 2 (Sept. 30): The Resilient Optimist Discover your innate capacity to thrive. Explore how acts of self-compassion can uncover more possibilities for love, creativity and purpose, and guide you on the path to living upward. Week 3 (Oct. 7): Create Connection, Build Community Learn to connect more deeply to life through gratitude, generosity and awe. Experience a growing sense of belonging and meaning as you live upward. Week 4 (Oct. 14): The Heart’s Wisdom The heart teaches us to let go, forgive and embrace our common humanity. Here, at the gateway to your soul, explore your courage to be vulnerable and the strength you have to change. Week 5 (Oct. 21): Life in Balance With increasing uncertainty and no easy answers in life, we struggle to stay balanced.  Discover how to find ease in effort, stillness in action and how to let go while still maintaining control. Week 6 (Oct. 28): Life Larger Than My Own Boldly, bravely and playfully explore how you can contribute to the natural order, to the greater good and to a life larger than your own. Readings: After Rain is a collection of Susan’s inspirational stories and art. She shares with us the wisdom and insights she has found in the natural world and in the challenges and choices of everyday life. This book will open your heart, clear your mind and enlighten your spirit as you travel on your life’s journey.  Purchase After Rain → 

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