CDRC has met all the state requirements to open for meetings.

We are reaching out to group leaders to help them form a reopening plan for the group.  When a group submits a reopening plan for their individual meetings, they will be put on the meeting lists and the meeting can re-open.

CDRC Safety Plan Document

Health and Safety on reopening

Mark Kaplan - CDRC, Meeting Coordinator

We are ready to open.

We have made the health and safety our top priority for all those who utilize our space.



  • SAFETY PLAN: All meeting groups will be required to complete the NY Forward Safety Plan prior to beginning meetings again. The CDRC will request a copy of this document prior to each groups return. Each group must also have this onsite at every meeting.

  • DISINFECTING: A designee from each group will need to be trained/review and confirm receipt of proper disinfecting protocols.  Groups will be asked to wipe down chairs and shared surfaces with EPA approved disinfectant provided by the CDRC upon leaving the room and will be required to properly dispose of waste and placie it in the dumpster in the back of the parking lot.  CDRC will provide hand soap, hand sanitizer and disinfectant onsite for all visitors to use and will complete a thorough cleaning of the entire building at the close of each day.

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: All meeting groups will be limited to a maximum of 17 people or less. Our largest meeting room will hold 17 with social distancing.  Proper social distancing of 6ft between individuals will be required in the meeting rooms.  Floor markers will be used to identify where each chair should be located. Tables and additional chairs will not be permitted in the room.  Only one person will be permitted in the bathroom at a time.  Upon completion of a meeting, individuals will be asked to promptly leave the facility.  Proper social distancing practices must be followed in the parking lot.

  • MASKS: An acceptable face covering will be required at all times, in all areas of the building and parking lot.  CDRC will provide disposable face masks for those who forget to bring their own.

  • FOOD: Outside food and beverages will not be allowed in the building, nor will any on-site food or beverages be provided. The kitchen will remain closed until further guidance from NYS.

  • SIGNS: CDC and DOH approved COVID-19 signage will be posted throughout the building along with CDRC specific building, meeting space and parking lot guidance.

  • SCREENING: Each individual that enters the building will be screened using a short questionnaire and a temperature check – and anyone who has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will not be permitted to enter the building.

  • NOTIFICATION: Immediately notify building management and the county health department upon learning that any individual that entered the building has come down with COVID related symptoms, has tested positive for COVID or has been in contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID




Some additional information that might be helpful as you plan your return to live meetings can be found on the HMB Area 49 website :   .  This report has suggestions across a vast number of considerations for group meetings and not all will apply to each group, so take what you like and leave the rest.​

  • Your groups interest in returning on the same days/times?

  • When you would like to return to live meetings?

  • Would your group would like to remain virtual for a longer period of time, but continue paying rent to hold your spot?

  • Would you like us to look into additional rooms for you to use during or on the same day/time at the same rental amount being paid for your current space?


This information will help us appropriately plan and accommodate each of you. We know that this has not been an easy time for you and your fellowships, and that there is an eagerness to begin meeting in person again. We want your thoughts on your return and to discuss with you options that will make this transition as smooth as possible for you and your groups.



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