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The CDRC commitment to have a safe and affordable place for the person seeking recovery is firmly in place; because of you and the many supportive members along the way. Over eight years ago, we had a dream and words on paper. Donors like you from the beginning 2015 and during the COVID pandemic, contributed to secure funding for CDRC to cover rent and basic expenses. Today, because of you, the volunteers, sponsors, 12 Step members and groups, individual and amily contributions and others, we are strong. We salute you all for your encouraging smiles, hugs and conversations. Your heartfelt generosity and firm conviction to help others. Attendance at CDRC has inspired many to believe that recovery and a new way to live is possible. Your helpful contributions have afforded CDRC to work with other advocacy organizations, have annual community events, recovery training classes and family support service. The recovery groups have allowed CDRC to serve over 2,400 people with 176 meetings monthly. The power of the people who remain committed to stay clean and sober, share their journey and growth is showing that “We Do Recover” from the ugly impacts of addiction and its stigmas. We show that it is a reality that recovering people do grow to be happy, joyous and free. So again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Yours In Loving Service to The Recovery Community,

Jihad El-Amin, Executive Director

the Board Members of CDRC.

If you or someone needs a meeting or help, please reach out @ 518-487-4617 or email us at

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