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CDRC Speakers Bureau

The Capital District Recovery Center has access to many qualified, carefully vetted, inspirational and informative speakers on a number of issues relating to addiction and recovery. Interested community groups, churches, schools,work places and other groups can avail themselves of these speakers— free of charge—by calling the CDRC and asking to be connected to the Speakers Bureau coordinator, Lawrence Zimmerman. We will attempt to match a qualified speaker with the needs of each particular group.Speakers can be available on a variety of topics such as:

  1. Addiction is a disease that is progressive and, if left untreated, can be fatal.

  2. Getting sober and staying sober

  3. Couples in Recovery

  4. Spiritual aspects of recovery

  5. Simple steps to help you stay straight and sober

  6. Addiction affects not just the addict but also his or her family, workplace and community.

  7. How addiction affects brain chemistry.

  8. Recognizing and dealing with depression.

  9. Important steps in suicide prevention.

  10. Seniors in recovery.

If your group has a particular topic you would like to hear about, please contact the Speakers Bureau Coordinator at the CDRC and we will attempt to meet the needs of your group.




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